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  1. Jun 13,  · Likewise, movies and books can help take down our inhibitions without us even knowing it. Be careful of the media you surround yourself with. Have good role models. If you surround yourself with people who are pushing the boundaries, then you will use them as a justification to push the boundaries just a smidge less. If you have friends who.
  2. God chastens us not that He may love us but because He loves us. In a well-ordered house a disobedient child may expect punishment; in the household of God no careless Christian can hope to escape it. Verse. Our fathers disciplined us for a little while as they thought best; but God disciplines us for our good, that we may share in his holiness.
  3. Vinyl is "the world's most versatile plastic material," according to the Vinyl Institute. It is made up of chlorine and ethylene, and can be modified to produce anything from heavy plastic pipe to cable insulation to upholstery for cars or furniture.
  4. The interior vinyl frames and sashes could have a woodgrain finish, and the exterior frames can be manufactured in any color you choose. If that sounds attractive, or if it gives you an idea for other window combinations such as bay windows or bow windows, keep in mind the following qualities that set SoftLite casement windows apart from the.
  5. Strangely, though Scripture tells us to plan on hard times and hatred from the world (Mark ), coupled with eager temptation from the enemy (see Matthew ), some have managed to build a case on the inverse; that God is showering Christians with the finer things and Satan is graciously leaving us alone. Paul warns us to avoid these unbiblical ideas.
  6. CHASTENING; CHASTISEMENT. chas'-'-n-ing, chas'-tiz-ment: These two words corresponding to Hebrew mucar, and Greek paideia, are distinguished in English use, in that "chastisement" is applied to the infliction of pain, either as a punishment or for recalling to duty, while "chastening," is a wider term, indicating the discipline or training to which one is subjected, without, as in the other.
  7. When God prunes us, the result is the refining of our faith and the humility of our hearts. As the Hebrews scripture says, God chastens those He loves. In the Bible, people whom the Lord was close with and delighted in still experienced His chastening. A few examples include: Moses (Numbers –14), David (1 Chronicles ), and Solomon (1.
  8. Go Commercial for Heavy-Use Furniture. Manufactured for durability and heavy use, commercial- or contract-grade vinyl upholstery is about 1/ to 1/8-inch thick and is more of a foam-like material.

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