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  1. Mar 26,  · American Tune - Paul Simon [Verse 1] C F C G7 C G E7 Am Am Many's the time I've been mistaken and many times confused C F C G7 C G C B7 Am E7 Am Yes and I've often felt forsaken and certainly.
  2. Jul 01,  · American Tune's modus operandi is similar to previous Cassidy CDs in its mix of standard repertoire (here, everything from "Yesterday" to "God Bless the Child" and Ray Charles's "Hallelujah I Love [Him] So" rubs shoulders) and fine, less obvious choices (Joe Simon's early-'70s soul hit "Drowning in the Sea of Love")/5().
  3. Paul Simon’s Song for the Age’s Most Uncertain Hour Featuring Simon’s new performance of it for this crisis, “American Tune Til Further Notice,” .
  4. Mar 20,  · American Tune Til Further Notice 03/19/ @Luck Reunion Facebook: Instagram:
  5. American Tune: 2. American Tune (Unfinished Demo) 3. Kodachrome: 4. Learn How To Fall: 5. Let Me Live In Your City (Work In Progress) 6. Let Me Live In Your City (Work In Progress) (Previously Unissued) 7. Let Me Live in Your City (work-in-progress) 8. Loves Me Like A Rock: 9. Loves Me Like A Rock (acoustic Demo) One Man's Ceiling Is.
  6. The promise of America as a welcoming melting pot shows up a lot in his songwriting, and especially on "American Tune." The song tells the story of a man questioning this promise, as he dreams that the Statue of Liberty has sailed off to sea.
  7. The album AMERICAN TUNE was released in August, Named for the haunting Paul Simon song that is one of the album’s highlights, the CD was eagerly awaited by Eva’s millions of fans around the world. In the United Kingdom, where Eva Cassidy is a greatly-beloved artist, the album was #1 on the official album charts for two consecutive.
  8. Just downloaded tabs, music, and videos for American Tune. I first discovered your lesson video on YouTube. I could learn it from that video only, but the written tabs and play-thru video will make it much easier to learn. Your instructions are clear, accurate, and complete. It was very generous of you to provide this lesson at no cost.

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