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9 thoughts on “ Apax Pernod - Various - EXO (Vinyl, LP) ”

  1. EXO - Va (2 X LP) - Milan W. - Capella / Hiele - Apax Pernod / Bear Bones Lay Low - Vestida De Fuego / Tito R. - Minuit / RHVR - Cactus Before Sundown / Mittland Och Leo - Trooper / DSR Lines - Uitval / Polysick - Egeria / Lieven Martens Moana - Tradewind / Jack N. Riot - Waking Up Volt / Imdaud - Wentira Kakula / Hantrax - Oh Dear: EKSTER, EKSTER (***NOTE: THIS IS A PRE-ORDER ITEM***).
  2. V/A - EXO2 (2 X LP) - Elko B - Sai Azul (Macho) / RHVR - Shady Palm / RHVR - RH-6 / Dijf Sanders - SandWitches / Shuffle Orch - Bries / Fregnacciarius - Track 6 / Milan W - Vermona / Polysick - Malacca Cane / Ssaliva - Safe / Hantrax - Improvisation / ARE - West / Tyrone Douglas - Portrait / Mathieu Serruys - Plaine Morte / Panabrite - Canopy / Orphan Fairytale - Garden Of Eva: EKSTER.
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