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  1. Compact disc (CD) is a digital optical disc data storage format that was co-developed by Philips and Sony and released in The format was originally developed to store and play only digital sound recordings but was later adapted for storage of data ().Several other formats were further derived from these, including write-once audio and data storage (), rewritable media (), Video CD.
  2. LOT OF 20 CED (CAPACITANCE) LASER VIDEO DISCS. $ FAST 'N FREE. Watch. Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Video Disc CED FREE SHIPPING. $ Free shipping. or Best Offer. Watch. (11) CED Video Discs Electronic Disc North To Alaska Rear Window Quiet Man Largo. $ Brigadoon - CED SelectaVision VideoDisc. $ Was: Previous.
  3. Jul 11,  · This happened with Reference Recordings' Video Standard test disc, and Flyers, a Philips disc which is a transfer of an original IMAX presentation. Sides 3 and 4 of the Criterion CAV version of Close Encounters of the Third Kind also gave some problems; side 4, in particular, had a nasty breakup near the end, which also resulted in rather.
  4. This minute disc features a nice selection of Hackett solo material new and old as well as some Genesis stuff. Similar set to the Nearfest gig. At The Edge Of Light (CD/DVD) #28 in the UK), legendary former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett will release his new studio album ‘At The Edge Of Light’ on January 25th, $
  5. In this regard, Light And Magic is similar to an album like Luomo's Convivial, which also creates a nuanced, sensual atmosphere for all of three songs, and then pads the rest of the CD with filler. Even great songs like "Seventeen" and "Evil" are extremely repetitive.
  6. Lens cleaner is a compact disc designed to clean DVD players, CD players and game stations. From the Manufacturer. Restore your CDs and DVDs with Maxell's CD/CD-ROM/DVD Laser Lens Cleaner. The exclusive Thunderon Brush System cleans and demagnetizes your dirty and dusty discs to /5(K).
  7. Disc rot is the tendency of CD or DVD or other optical discs to become unreadable because of physical or chemical deterioration. The causes include oxidation of the reflective layer, physical scuffing and abrasion of disc, reactions with contaminants, ultra-violet light damage, and de-bonding of the adhesive used to adhere the layers of the disc together.
  8. History. Optical video recording technology, using a transparent disc, was invented by David Paul Gregg and James Russell in (and patented in and ). The Gregg patents were purchased by MCA in By , Philips had developed a videodisc in reflective mode, which has advantages over the transparent mode. MCA and Philips then decided to combine their efforts and first publicly Developed by: Philips, MCA Inc., Pioneer Corporation.
  9. May 09,  · The playback laser beam in the CD player is focused on these tiny pits and held on track by a servo system as the disc rotates. This beam is reflected from the disc to a photo-detector, a device that converts light into voltage. To distinguish between pit and land areas, the pit depth is one-quarter the wavelength of the playback laser beam.

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