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  1. Real/full name: Eduardo Age: 29 (born Apr 27th, ) Place of origin: Brazil (Bragança Paulista, São Paulo) Gender: Male.
  2. Format: Music CD, Brentwood Records. Folk music CD release from Alisa Jones with the album Hammered Dulcimer. Released on the label Brentwood Records. Hard to find Jazz, Roots, Folk, Latin, Rock or World music CD.5/5(1).
  3. Collectible Christian Crucifixes & Crosses. The crucifix is the universal symbol of the Crucifixion, familiar to many around the world. Small and large crucifixes are also handsome accessories and decorative items used frequently within the church and the secular world.
  4. Crucifixion was a word the Romans called in Latin crucifixus which meant to "fix on a cross". The Roman soldiers in first century Israel would crucify condemned prisoners by nailing their hand and feet to a cross until they would die. Crucifixion was believed by historians to the most wretched of deaths.
  5. CD. Grimness - Trust in Decay. € Tape. Tomb of Time - This Is What I See. € Tape. ZeroPlusQueen "Cyclus" € Tape. Fallen Arkane - Beyond the Altar. € CD. Metallic Crucifixion - The First Hammered.
  6. Metallic Crucifixion discography (misc) Metallic Decimation () The First Hammered () > Metallic Crucifixion discography (all) Crucificator () The First Hammered () > Diabolic Resistance Metallic Crucifixion. Type: Compilation Release date: September 1st, Catalog ID: N/A Label: Obskure Chaos Distro Format: CD Reviews.
  7. The song. Ochs wrote "Crucifixion" during a two-hour car ride in the middle of his November concert tour of the U.K. According to Ochs's manager, Arthur Gorson, the composer was "wary" of how his audience might react to the new song because it did not have an explicit political message. He need not have worried; his first public performance of "Crucifixion" was greeted by a standing ovation.

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