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  1. Synonyms & Antonyms of reel (Entry 2 of 2) 1 to be in a confused state as if from being twirled around his mind reeled upon hearing the news that his employer had been indicted for fraud.
  2. REEL 13 voting is on a break this week. FIRST NIGHT IN THE NEW HOUSE. WATCH. THIS WEEK 8/ THIS WEEK'S CLASSIC Tender Mercies () .
  3. The Sopranos. Tony Soprano was a man who could seemingly get away with anything, even murder. But for 20 year-old Jason Bautista and his 15 year-old half-brother Michael Montejo, one particular Sopranos episode of manslaughter and dismemberment will inspire an even more sinister and tragic act.
  4. Reel definition is - a revolvable device on which something flexible is wound: such as. How to use reel in a sentence.
  5. Reel, genre of social folk dance, Celtic in origin. It is a variety of country dance in which the dancers perform traveling figures alternating with “setting” steps danced in one place. Reels may be for sets of two or more couples. The music is in quick 2/4 or 4/4 time and usually has an insistent 16th-note motion.
  6. reel noun [C] (HOLDER) a round or cylindrical device on which a rope, wire, film, or other long, thin strip or object is rolled, or the amount of something stored on this: a reel of film.
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  8. noun a cylinder, frame, or other device that turns on an axis and is used to wind up or pay out something. a rotatory device attached to a fishing rod at the butt, for winding up or letting out the line.

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